January 25, 2022

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TOP 10 BUG OUT BAG ESSENTIALS 2021 (Survival Gear 2021)

TOP 10 BUG OUT BAG ESSENTIALS 2021 (Survival Gear 2021)
Are you looking for the best bug out bag essentials and BOB survival gear and gadgets on Amazon of 2021? These are some of the coolest bug out bag gear and gadgets on Amazon we found so far:

1. Benchmade BugOut Knife
2. Helikon-Tex – Swagman Roll Basic
3. Surviveware Trauma First Aid Kit!
4. TOPS Storm Vector
5. Fenix HT18 Long Distance Flashlight
6. MSR Guardian Gravity Water Purifier
7. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Traveler Duffle Pack Duffel bag
8. Bearhard Emergency Tent, 2 Person Tube Tent Survival Shelter with Paracord
9. Survival Kit, 14 in 1 Survival Gear and Equipment
10. MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit Gear

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‘Bugging out’ refers to an individual’s decision to abandon home in response to an unexpected emergency situation—whether that be a natural disaster or one caused by mankind. It’s only natural, then, that the essential supplies you’d need in such a situation would be packed into a ‘bug-out’ bag.
At its core, a bug out bag is a survival kit filled with essentials that can help you get through a variety of emergency scenarios.
Also referred to by its acronym BOB, bug out bags are portable sacks or backpacks that contain the essential items you’d need to survive for at least 72 hours in a SHTF scenario—when “Sh** hits the fan”.
Why should you have a bug out bag?
Disaster can strike at any time, and without proper preparation, you leave yourself and your loved ones vulnerable. There’s no better time than the present to prepare a bug out bag filled with the essentials needed to sustain life, whether you’re facing a natural disaster or chemical warfare.
Preparedness is the key to survival, but a whopping 48 percent of Americans lack emergency supplies for use in the event of a disaster situation. That means virtually half the population won’t be ready when disaster comes knocking.
Preparing a comprehensive, survival-ready bug out bag should be priority number one on every survivalist’s checklist, and we’ve worked with a team of experts to outline some of the most important survival gear, tools, and materials required to weather the storm—whatever that storm may be.
To improve your chances of survival after bugging out, we’ve created a checklist of essentials to help you accomplish your long-term survival strategy.
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