October 21, 2021

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This color educational/training film is about Mountain survival. This is copyright 1963.

Opening titles: U.S. Air Force presents Mountain and Desert survival (:08-:34). Title: Mountain Survival. A parachute is discovered, photographs are taken, three men search for the man who was in that parachute. The next day three men find the body of the pilot. He is dead. Blood on his lifeless hand. The body is photographed. A sheet is laid out across the body. Another body lays dead on rocks. A man stumbles through the desert. A hand clutches sand (:35-2:44). Snow capped mountains, trees in forest terrain. A parachute is on the side of a hill. A pilot, wearing a helmet, comes to and starts to move around and assess the situation. He looks around. He removes the helmet. Trees and a stream. The pilot looks around. He detaches himself from the parachute. He cuts himself loose and starts to run, sliding down the hill. He runs through a forest area, in panic. he sips water from a tiny stream and then washes his face with it. He sits down on a rock and tries to relax and gather himself. He walks over some rocks. He goes back to grab his raft, parachute and helmet. He looks at his stuff and removes a knife. He goes through what he has as part of a kit: fish hooks, safety pin, matches, purification tablets, firestarters, compass, and band aids (2:45-7:09). He reviews what’s in his pockets at the moment. He walks around the forest. He finds an open area and clears a fire circle, he gathers pine needles and logs. He cuts the firestarter and places it under the needles and log. He lights a match and it starts his fire (7:10-9:41). The pilot goes over to water and fills a water bag, he places a water purification tablet in it. He ties it and places it in his helmet. He adds more wood to the fire. He cuts some of the parachutes cord. He lays the chute down as a makeshift sleeping bag. He tries to sleep but it’s uncomfortable. He goes to the raft and starts to blow it up (9:42-12:20). Half filled, he places his chute on top of the raft and sets up his sleeping area. He rests in it. The next day he packs up to start moving onward. He drinks the water and saves the water bag. He gets himself all ready and puts his helmet on. He starts walking downstream (12:21-15:00). Onward the pilot walks. Near a stream, he sets up camp. He sets up the parachute as a signal to any air rescue. The chute is laid out across an open space. A fire is going as the pilot sews together some piles of dried brush. He places the piles of dried brush in separate areas. He makes a fishing line out of parachute pieces. Has his lure ready (15:01-18:04). The pilot fishes in the stream with his makeshift fishing rod. He sets three poles on the side, feet apart to have a good chance at getting fish. He opens his parachute instruction booklet which has many ways to use the chute on land. He makes a fishing net and scoops up some small minnows. He cooks the fish on a stick over the open flame. He checks his fishing line and has a bite, he scoops up another larger fish (18:05-20:32). The larger fish, a trout, is wrapped in foil he had and put on the fire coals to bake. He makes snares to catch bigger animals. He tests the rope with his fingers. He builds a simple shelter with the parachute (20:33-22:05). He puts another part above it to keep out potential rain. He starts to make a sleeping bag. He stomps out a double L and then adds brush to make the signal stand out. The sun is setting and its getting dark (22:06-23:45). It’s dark and the pilot eats the baked trout. The next morning, he has caught a rabbit in one of his snares. He cuts the rabbits fur and pulls the fur off. He cuts the meat into thin slices to cook it faster. He lays meat pieces across a stick and cooks it. He eats the rabbit next to the fire. He eats and reflects. He reacts to the sound of a helicopter. He sets flame to his tied brush, starts waving his arms as the helicopter sees him and lands in an open space (23:46-26:59) A blanket is placed across a dead man’s body. The happy pilot goes and enters the helicopter, a man from the helicopter puts the fire out. The helicopter flies away(27:00-27:39). End credits (27:40-27:52).

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