October 24, 2021

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Why is there a food emergency in Sri Lanka? श्रीलंका में खाने पिने की इतनी कमी क्यों हो गई है?

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People of Sri Lanka have to stand in long queues to buy essential things. And the shop built to store these items are also lying empty and there is very little stock of essential items like milk, grains and rice in the Sri Lanka.

Because there are some statistics that you should know, food emergency is going on in Sri Lanka right now, so before that the price of one kg of rice in Sri Lanka was 44 Sri Lankan rupees, but today one kg of rice is 120 rupees, and vegetables Like potatoes and kande used to get Rs 73 a kg but today its price has gone up to Rs 200, apart from this, one kg of fish was available for Rs 255 a kg earlier, but today one kg of fish is available for Rs 700. So why has this happened in Sri Lanka?

So in today’s video, we will know in detail about why such a situation arose in Sri Lanka. Why is Sri Lanka so short of life essentials? What is the reason for this shortcoming? You will get to know all that and many more in this video, so stay with us till the end of the video.