October 28, 2021

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Wilderness Survival Skills Pt 2/4: Flint Knapping & Atlatl

We head back down to southern Utah for part two of our Wilderness Survival Skills series to learn what is flint knapping and how to make an atlatl, as well as how to throw a dart.

Gear used in this video:

Bark River Golok: http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Bark-River-Fixed–328?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Wilderness%20Survival%20Skills%20Pt%202%2F4%3A%20Flint%20Knapping%20%26%20Atlatl&utm_campaign=Main

Helle Temagami: http://www.bladehq.com/?search=Helle+Temagami&utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Wilderness%20Survival%20Skills%20Pt%202%2F4%3A%20Flint%20Knapping%20%26%20Atlatl&utm_campaign=Main

Check out Outdoor and Survival gear here: http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Outdoor-Survival–360?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Wilderness%20Survival%20Skills%20Pt%202%2F4%3A%20Flint%20Knapping%20%26%20Atlatl&utm_campaign=Main

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